Jacobi Romalo Petrucciani

CIO, Software Engineer, Sysadmin, Scalability Expert

Jacobi Romalo Petrucciani

Founder, CIO, Full Stack Technologist

Hello! I’m Jacobi Petrucciani. Currently I am a founder and CIO at Mimir Corporation (YC S15).

As CIO, I wear many hats at our company, and get to experiment and play with many different technologies and architectures. I have a lot of experience using many different programming languages and developing on multiple platforms. Most recently I have been working on full stack infrastructure, backend frameworks, and highly scalable work APIs using distributed task queues.


Park Tudor High School
Preparatory Education
Aug 2008 - May 2012

I completed my preparatory education from this prestigious institution.

Purdue University West Lafayette
University: Computer Science
Aug 2012 - ?

I started my education at Purdue University in Computer Science in August 2012, specializing in Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. After winter of 2015, I have taken a break from my education at Purdue.

Y Combinator
Startups and Entrepreneurship
May 2015 - August 2015

With my two co-founders, we completed the Y Combinator startup acceleration program in the Summer 15 batch of over 100 startups chosen.


DevOps Scalable Architecture System Administration Web Applications Unix Administration Distributed Systems APIs Computer Security Cloud Computing Message Queues Key Value Stores Web Servers Databases Software Engineering Software Architecture
Python3 Bash Python2 C C++ Rust SQL NoSQL Perl Regular Expressions PHP Java Javascript Node C# COBOL x86_64 asm ARM asm Lua Ruby DNS Spanish
Docker Docker Swarm Neo4J ANTLR ELK LDAP Nginx Ansible LetsEncrypt Amazon Web Services Digital Ocean Git Github Gitlab PostgreSQL MySQL CakePHP CouchCMS Wordpress MongoDB Redis RabbitMQ Bottle.py Flask CherryPy Numpy Scipy Theano Keras


Single Source Systems
Information Technology Intern
May 2010 - Aug 2010

Here I assisted the main IT manager and system administrator around the office with various IT jobs.

Single Source Systems
Software Engineer
May 2011 - Aug 2011

I worked mostly as a web developer for a few of their customers wanting custom websites to interface with their software. I also assisted with conversion of reporting systems for ERP software suites.

Time Compression Strategies
Database Frontend Developer
May 2011 - Aug 2012

Assisted the Time Compression Strategies team in the development of a PHP based web control panel for the Ancelus Database System to help display useful information to users.

In0v8 LLC
Founder and CTO
Jul 2012 - Apr 2014

In0v8 was a company geared towards engineering everything from mobile applications to database management systems. We offered custom programming for most platforms, web design and development, and web hosting all in one place. As CTO, I was mostly in charge of design and development of Mobile, Web, and Deployable Applications that my company was contracted to produce.

Mimir Corporation
Founder and CIO
Jan 2014 - Present

As CIO, I manage the infrastructure and back end code and APIs behind all of our products. I am in charge of putting together the logic to allow students to upload their own code for grading, compiling and running potentially dangerous code safely, and checking that code for correctness and originality. I also manage the latest version of our plagiarism detection engine.